About this blog

This blog will primarily discuss art gallery exhibitions and mainstream movies related to children and adolescents who are presented in the nude. In some cases, little known facts will be brought to light. Bibliographical notes will be provided whenever possible for evidence and further reading.

The first stories will discuss major works by Larry Clark (an American photographer) and Edgard Navarro (a Brazilian film director) and their recent public showings.

The goal is to foster an open discussion about the legal and ethical issues involved with their works.

No images or image links will be available here.

§ 5 Responses to About this blog

  • Ed Powers says:

    Thanks for providing such a necessary Forum!

  • sexhysteria says:

    Great blog! Please tell me your email address for press releases. Thanks. teachitaly@gmail.com

  • Mo Ibrahim says:

    Thank you for the blogroll add.

  • aquester says:

    Yes, this topic needs to be “fleshed-out.” (pun intended)

  • Godchan says:

    I found this site looking for Eva Ionesco pics, I’m sad that she didn’t like taking those pictures. I still haven’t watched the movie she made about her childhood, I downloaded it somewhere. I really love her pictures.

    Now that I found some I’m debating whether to put them up on my site. I don’t have any real nudity it’s all “blurred.” My site is hosted in Netherlands and I have local encryption.

    I’ve been avoiding pure nudity, I think there is only one pure nude image. I’ve been contemplating putting up bath images in my “Bathe a Daughter” section.

    This site really makes me think, it might help me decide so thanks.

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